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Zappy | Beauti: Marcações Online e Sistema de Agendamento Profissional
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Online Booking

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

facebook page 150

Through your Facebook

site 150

Through your Website

with a "book online" button, to your current customers

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Google Search and Google Maps

yelp 150

Yelp Directory

facebook 150

Facebook Directory

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Other platforms

with a "book online" button, to increase your visibility and get new customers

Have you though how many times...

Have you ever had to stop servicing a customer to pick up the phone?
Your customers try to contact you at night, after closing?
On Sundays?



With Zappy, your customers can book appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in an easy and free way.


Everyone that visits your Facebook page can book an appointment through a simple click on the "Book Now" button. Make the best of the most active social network, in the world.

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Now I don't lose customers. And they love it!


Now you can add an online booking system to your website.

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This way you can avoid that your customers find your competitors. They will be redirected to your website (with your brand), avoiding other "distractions".

This integration has no additional costs and is pretty simple to configure. Customers will be able to book appointments without ever leaving your webpage.

I don't want to send my current customers to listings where my competitors are.


Ensure your presence in the best directories and apps always with the "Book Online" button. The presence on the Zappy's partners network's goal is to increase visibility and attract new customers.

Google Search

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Google Maps

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Yelp Directory

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I'm gaining time to fully dedicate myself to my customers, without interruptions.


You have two options: you can allow your customers to book appointments only for free slots (according to the availability in your calendar), or with total availability. In the later option, the appointment will need confirmation.

How to book


How to confirm