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Zappy | Easy to use Calendar - Zappy
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Easy to use Calendar

You can choose between weekly or daily view or you can see your workers calendars, side by side. Customers do not have access to any of the information in your calendar.

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To register appointments booked through the phone:

  • click on the selected time, choose the customer and the service;
  • the customer will receive an automatic reminder (SMS) the day before the appointment.

To confirm online bookings:
  • these will appear automatically on your calendar (in orange).
  • you can confirm by clicking on them and the customer will imediatelly receive a confirmation message.

You can also create recurrent appointments (which happen periodically), days off and personal times.

The calendar is always synced amongst all users with accesso (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc).

Easy and productive.

We offer 14-day trial, without any commitment.

Try now