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Zappy | Loyalty Card - Zappy
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Loyalty Card

Keeping the customers' loyalty is one of the most important jobs while managing a business.

(example 1)
(example 2)

Zappy offers you a simple yet innovative card, that adjusts to the needs of each business.


Different types of cards you can choose from :

  accumulate visits
  accumulate points
  accumulate euros (choose a percentage)



  There is no need to print the cards, this is a virtual and innovative system.
  The card balance is automatically updated, after the service is paid (click on the "Paid" option)
  The card balance is automatically included in all the SMS or E-mail reminders sent to your clients.
  You can check the card balance on your Calendar or in the Customer's Record and correct it manually, if needed.

(Example of the warning on the Calendar)
With this loyalty card, the number of lost customers to competitors is decreasing.

We offer 14-day trial, without any commitment.

Try now